April 18

I am now a teacher

No, I’m not actually a teacher, haha. I have fooled you. What I mean is I realized that Week Three for the Student Blogging Challenge is to teach your readers something: hence the title. Which my blog already does that so I’m just going to do a normal blog post! Hope you enjoy, here’s the post’s theme:

Scene Writing Tips

Yes, you heard me right ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary folk out there. Scene Writing! If you don’t know what this is it’s just writing. That’s pretty much what it is. So, yeah. First tip!

1.) [brackets]

If you are a real writer you know what it’s like to not know how to explain or to get stuck in a certain scene. Well, keep those creative juices going and just put whatever you can’t write, then put he gust of whatever happens in brackets! That way you can just keep on writing without disturbing the flow.

2.) The reader only sees what you tell them.

It can be SO hard to forget this! But remember that the reader only sees what you tell them!! This does not mean to give a dump of information, because that can lose the reader, but try to explain your surroundings of what your POV character is seeing. If your character is walking through an underground secret base, explain briefly what they see.


She walked around in the silvery glowing walls of the underground base. Slowly turning herself around as she followed her friends, and trying to take in all that was there. To the left of the entrance were t.v.’s with what seemed like secrecy footage.

I wonder why?’ She wondered to herself as she realized that where they were walking to, just right in front of them, was a small wooden bridge going over a neat stream that went into the walls, the water getting sucked up into the wall where it trailed up into the ceiling, down into the other wall and then out into the stream like a circle.


3.) Don’t drop characters!

It’s easy to forget the side characters are there. But whatever you do, try not to do that! It makes the reader wonder why they aren’t having a reaction to anything, or why they don’t see them in the first place. I like to imagine this character I might forget as George. Don’t forget George! It makes George sad.


And that’s my three tips for this blog post! If you have any things you want me to go over and give some tips/advice about post a comment of them! And last but not least, stay safe!! Have a great week guys, girls, and nonbinary squirrels!!

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My name is Alex Braley, and I am a teen author. I am currently working on many books and series, (none published yet), and I am writing a series to help teens and young adults help go through things like: Mental Illnesses, deaths, physical illnesses, disabilities, bullying, etc. It is a fantasy series, where the main character, Patton, travels through your wonderland to learn your story and help others who are going through the same thing, or something similar. If you want to help out with that, just send me an email at annaeb9@gmail.com and we can chat. If you have any questions send me an email or comment on a post. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “I am now a teacher

  1. Teri+Young

    Hello Alex —

    Outstanding job with your post! How long have you been interested in writing?
    I can tell by your post that you have some serious skills and a great sense of humor. Your example of the POV character made me feel like I was walking beside her, but what I will most remember about your blog is George. I definitely don’t want to make him sad!!

    Keep those creative juices flowing!

    Teri — #stubc commenter

  2. Alex Braley (Post author)

    Hi, Teri! Thank you so much! I have been interested in writing for about 4 years now, actually. And yes, no one likes to make George sad!


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